AirDrop scam campaign on youtube targeting ETH holders uses clips of Vitalik Buterin live videos

Browsing around youtube on an anonymous browser session – watching some crypto-related videos, I seem to have been targeted by a phishing attack that is still active at this moment.

I followed it a bit – so you won’t have to click on phishing links. So please, always check for authenticity of what you see, the fact you see it as a running ad on youtube does not mean it is safe.

Let the picture speak for itself:

Screenshot from the scam video

So this video was uploaded on Jul 11, 2020, so it is already running at least a day, and has accumulated over 10k views of seemingly pretty focused attack, promoted as a paid youtube campaign. This is the link to the ETH fraud video #1 – published on the Buterin Ethereum fraud youtube channel.

If you go to the video youtube page, the description sends you:

  • Right underneath – they also added the real Vitalik twitter, just to get you confused by the authenticity of the link.

Almost immediately after, a second video ad soon followed into my ad cycle on youtube:

Both of these ads aim to create a deceiving feeling to make the viewer believe this is a limited live event broadcasted on Youtube by Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum. Adding a lot of BS about “ETH Halving” and all bunch of unrelated stuff just to make you act as quickly as possible and to lose your ethereum.

So, always stay on the alert and raise suspicion about every message you see on any digital channel.